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Name: Tiffanie
Age: 21
Location: Los Angeles
Are you Taiwanese, Turkestani, Mongolian or Tibetan? Taiwanese-American
If no, why are you interested in this community?
Are you already involved in some actions for these people? I'm not in any particular organized groups, but in my personal life I try to perpetuate education regarding the political matters in question.
Tell us about you!! (feel free to post a pic):

Here's a rather pithy and silly bio I use on my Flickr page:

I was born in Springfield and raised in Los Angeles
My parents are from Taiwan
I have one older brother that's in the Navy
I speak Mandarin, ein bisschen Deutsch and un po' Italiano
I'm a third-year English major at UCLA.

I've worked in two art college supply stores, I've tutored classes of annoying kids and equally annoying college students, I've painted a mural in a cafe, I've interned with a music magazine and with the Getty Museum, I'm a former newspaper editor (music section), I've written an academic speech drunk and delivered it hungover (I won), I love zaru soba, I love my kitties Ziggy and Star, I love Canter's and spotting Rodney Bingenheimer there, I love thrifting for old cameras and lenses, but I have yet to find a LOMO (hint, hint).

I'm glad that this community exists, and I hope to be able of some help. Thanks for having me, and nice to meet you guys!
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